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We really believe we have unique features in the world. We express with all our love, the true meaning of the culture of our land. This is what they say about us!


Sicily Home Collection is a registered trademark.


Our production is entirely handmade and produced in our laboratories.


The collections are constantly updated with the insertion of new articles. We also develop projects on specific customer request.


Our design has a single theme, perfectly tells the characteristics of the land of Sicily. Every line, every color comes from our history.

Materials and Methods

We work with passion and love, only using our hands, materials like clay, natural fabrics, forged iron and wood.


Each of our articles is delivered with a "MADE IN SICILY" originality certificate, together with the relative technical certification.

Delivery and Payment

Generally our deliveries take place around 45/60 days. We only produce what is ordered and paid in advance.


Soon, you can also order online. Work in progress!
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who we are

Sicily Home Collection was born by the ancient Sicilian traditions. The colors, the emotions, the subjects, the forms, are rapresented on our art of decorating. The collection is entirely new and unique, easily adaptable or any kind of supplies, private or commercial, classic or contemporary. The craftsmanship together with the materials, expresses in all its features, the full meaning of our objects.

Meet Our Team

Twenty years of experience, happily spent in our workshops, constantly engaged in the development of unique items for the satisfaction of our customers Passion, creativity, tendency and materialization of ideas. Today, with the new collection "Sicily Home Collection" we managed to reach an even more important meaning to our productions, we added the expression of our Sicilian origins. We tell about our land, with love and passion, colors and emotions. Contact us to find out more.

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to contact me write to: ros.gervasi@sicilyhomecollection.it - Or go to my social page

Rosario Gervasi
Art Director & Company Administrator
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to contact me write to: ros.gervasi@sicilyhomecollection.it - Or go to my social page

Emanuela D'Amore
Creative director
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