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Sole, Cuore, Amore e Arte Siciliana

What we Do

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Who we Are

Seduzioni Home Interiors S.r.l.s.
via G. Garibaldi, 52 - Messina (Italy)
Owner and founder "SicilyHomeCollection" Brand.




Sicily Home Hollection originated from Sicilian ancient traditions.
Colours, emotions, characters and shapes are represented in every furnishing lamps. Our collection is entirely new, unique, and easily adaptable to private, commercial, classic or contemporary decor. Craftsmanship, decorative details and materials, such as Caltagirone ceramics, show the true meaning of our characters.
Patterns of “Carretto Siciliano” are transposed in a lamp collection, focused to recall a glance on glow and richness of Sicilian land.
The peculiar Sicilian horse and its cart (carretto siciliano) inspire “Sicily Home Collection” that is entirely dedicated to this characteristic aspect of folk heritage.
Very colorful drawings, even represented on cart wheels, as well as baroque lines, are everywhere in unique way.

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