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Sole, Cuore, Amore e Arte Siciliana

What we Do

Sicily Home Collection was born by the ancient Sicilian traditions. The colors, the emotions, the subjects, the forms, are rapresented on our art of decorating. The collection is entirely new and unique, easily adaptable or any kind of supplies, private or commercial, classic or contemporary. The craftsmanship together with the materials, expresses in all its features, the full meaning of our objects.


Who we Are

Seduzioni Home Interiors S.r.l.s.
via G. Garibaldi, 52 - Messina (Italy)
Owner and founder "SicilyHomeCollection" Brand.




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  • Lamps
  • Classic Lamps
  • Pupi Siciliani
  • Ceramic
  • Teste di Moro
  • Paralumi
  • Bags and Earring